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This is the first game I've posted!  You slingshot the ball into the goal at the top. It's not groundbreaking and it's not complete, I'm just looking for some feedback so any advice is appreciated.  :D


I realized that the larger game I've been working on for a year or so wasn't going to be finished anytime soon and that completing some smaller games would help me put to use what I've learned and give me some practice.


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Hi, Good game.
Keep doing it!
It seems to me that the repetition is necessary from the starting position. 8)

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Great for a first game. Did you make all the graphics?


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Well designed, good execution!
Suitable for mobile once you get a subscription
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Thanks so much for the kind words everyone. I really appreciate you taking the time to play it and giving me feedback.

1968, Thank you! Yes some of the levels take many tries. :)

NerdinaNutshell, Thank You! I made some of the graphics like the ball, tiles, spikes, glow fx and particles. Others, like the enemies, stars, buttons, and background images I downloaded from https://www.gamedeveloperstudio.com/ and https://www.spriters-resource.com/. \

mdotedot, Thank You! I've tested it thoroughly on Android and it's a lot more fun to play on  mobile devices.

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