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Here is the first version of a game I've put together.
The premise is you start off as a basic square - however as you progress through the game you start to evolve - giving you different abilities to move onto the next stage of the game.
In this version you have to progress through the first easier part of the game to gain back your eyes. Ideas for the latter stages of the game is to evolve into a mini boat for some water levels, a triangle - the player has to keep you upright, then finally gaining wings to take flight.

I've tried to keep the look basic - even using a Spectrum 128K bold font!

Let us know what you think,



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I like the concept idea. I'd like to see later levels. There are a few things about the lava which bother me. First of all, as its random, you can't really plan for it. Maybe it should fire left or right in a pattern, and it might be good to have some sort of tell to give you a second or two warning.

Also, the lava interacted with itself and other items. In one instance a lava block sat on a platform that I had no chance of avoiding, and on another level, the lava knocked away one of the blue blocks.

Simple graphics are fine but create a nice colour palette.


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