XML Cannot Build Block (or something similar)


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I ran into a problem where after I'd updated a behavior, in a scene, clicking on an actor that had that behavior attached resulted in a 'this shouldn't have happened' error. The error I saw was 'XML Cannot Build Block' or something very like it.

I tried duplicating the behavior and reattaching it,  but that gave the same error. In the end, I copied the code into a new behavior and attached this to all relevant actors, and that solved the problem.

The issue is solved,  but I'm just wondering if anyone has any insight as to what happened so I can avoid it again.

Sorry, I don't have the logs from the time, otherwise, I would post them.


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Can't say anything without logs. If the problem is recent enough, perhaps you still have the logs from it. If you remember what day it happened, you can peek through your logs folder and take a look at logs from that day.
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