Can I market a game I made using a sample game?


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I made a game using the graphics and even the first level of a sample game from the Stencyl site.

Is it ok for me to market this game? Or do I need to change the graphics?


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I don't know about the legal aspects... my guess would be no, but you'd have to ask whoever created it (probably one of the Stencyl devs)

Even if it's technically okay, it still doesn't sound like a good idea. Your game would look like all the other games that use those assets.


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it is still okay, you just need to explain about

"you don't love to use grid tool to create
lovely characters, but market loves grid tool,
you can't act like immature to attract infinity
negative comments... so you borrowed the asset."

"yes, even if you make a single mistake,
the comment makers can killing your whole
family in real world, within today."

opinion is opinion.

game can be clickbait
game cant be clickbait
is the value of market

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