Different Starting Attributes for the same actor


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If i have two of the same actor on a scene at the same time, is it possible to set one of the actor's attributes different from the other? i looked for a way to do this but couldn't really find away. I'm sure its possible in some way but i don't know what to change.

say if i want this enemy crab to deal up to 10 damage and the other one deal up to 9000 and set that value right when the game starts


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Yes, it can be done pretty easily.  You'll need to create an actor behaviour that you attached to your crab actor with an attribute for the health. Let's say you had a behaviour called 'Crab Behaviour' with an attirbute called 'Base Damage', when the actor is spawned, you can set the damage from another behaviour. Or, if your actors are already placed in teh scene editor you can edit teh values there by clicking on your actor and then customize in the right panel.

See image for the general idea.


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Here's a guide on Instance Customization, the other solution JeffreyDriver mentioned.

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