Does anyone know about android app bundles and how to generate them in stencyl?

I want to know if there is a way to generate android app bundles in Stencyl to make my app smaller, or if there is software that can do it with an .apk file? Thanks

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Same problem here.Hi I have finished a game in stencyl and want to publish it on the play store but the Google console tells me it is too heavy and it needs to be an android app bundle format and not apk. Is there a way to convert the generated apk file from stencyl to this new format? I cannot find any tutorial, and I am a real noob concerning Android studio so if someone has a clue of what can be done it would be really helpful. Thanks!

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Hi there,

My advice is to open a topic in the issue tracker (link at the top of the forum) regardind this issue, so Justin can take a look at it.
Or, since you're both paying customer, post it in the private Help Desk section of the forum to have a faster support.

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What size is the apk?  Ober 100mb?  Whats max size allowed in google play store without having to make another file? Stencyl cant do app bundles... minimize your game before you publish.. did you optimize png image files?  Dis you backup and hit clean unused files option in stencyl?

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The APK file is ony 19.7 MB and to my knowledge the maximum accepted size is 100 MB. I did clean unused files in Stencyl and my png are ok also


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You don't need to generate app bundle if you don't want to.

Once your app is approved (submiting content ratings form). You can publish it anyway.