Any way to try out my app on mobile


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I already set all the design and everything for mobile, I want to see how it looks like if I run it on my phone.  Is there a way to run it on my phone without I having to publish as an .apk? I am not using the pro version yet


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Mobile should be an option in the Test Game drop-down menu. You can test on every platform without a subscription--you'll just have a 'Trial Mode' tag in the corner of the game for the subscriber-only platforms.


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Yes I've tried setting the platform to android, but then theres a message saying Android SDK required. Or sometimes it asks me to install Java 8 JDK, but I already have Java 12 on my mac.


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You'll need to follow the guide to testing on android... you'll have to install the android sdk.... software development kit.. and possibly java 8 jdk


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Here's what I did to get it to work:

Run SDK Manager by:
running android.bat found in D:\grmat\Documents\Stencyl Games\stencylworks\android-sdk\android-sdk-windows\tools
Selected the API I needed and deselected the others. Do not use Q.
My anti virus stopped adb.exe from running so I had to create an exception.
Seems like Android devs are getting sloppy.
When I tried to run SDK manager from D:\grmat\Documents\Stencyl Games\stencylworks\android-sdk\android-sdk-windows\tools\lib folder it couldn't find the android.bat cause it is one floder up.


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Ok, Thank you
And like I said, I already have java jdk v12, but stencyl keeps telling me that I need jdk 8. So, I thought I specifically needed jdk 8(not 12) for stencyl. So I tried downloading jdk 8, but my mac won't let my java downgrade(?) the version down to 8 from 12. 

I got the Android SDK part and now I'm struggling about jdk. I feel very dumb having to ask so many questions.. sorryy