Best practices for securing my game against theft and hacks?


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I'm a bit disheartened right now just realizing that protecting my hard work is not a reality.

I'm looking for any suggestions on how to make it more difficult for scumbag thieves and cheaters to ruin and steal my game.

I've learned a little bit about sitelock.
What else is there?
Is there no real way to protect saved game attributes other than setting up a server for them?

I think in the future for my non-server based games I will try creating some type of in game encryption method for the game attributes. They might be able to modify the attributes but they won't know what values to use at least. Maybe even a check for invalid values that stops the game.


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I can sympathise. It's really annoying to see your work end up on other websites. Sitelocking offers some protection, but if someone is determined there's little you can do to stop it.

I've started adding the site name to my games so if it does get stolen I know where it's come from, and players can tell that it has been stolen. Then I add a link to where it should be played.

I've thought about adding a behaviour which checks the current URL and if it's not where it should be, and upon clicking start it redirects or something.

All you can really do is add links back to your own site, others apps you've done etc. and hope that it generates traffic for you.

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I always appreciate useful feedback. Thank you.


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people prefer people stealing their games


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Thanks for the feedback Jeffrey.
Adding links is an interesting feature I didn't think about.
The URL check sounds like a great work around if it's doable. I'll have to look into that.