HTML5 Game Crashing on Mobile


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I have a few games I created that have been exported as HTML5. I have uploaded them to my wix site (embedded via netlify). The games test fine through Stencyl, and play fine on my site using my desktop computer (Mac). However, when I play it through the site on a mobile device (iphone and iPad) it will handle a bit of gameplay and then crash, either refreshing the page, or redirecting to a "This site is unavailable" page, depending on what browser I am testing it in. I have also tried uploading it to to test, which gives me a similar problem (so it's not just an issue with wix or netlify). The games used to be on the app store a while ago, and played well on mobile devices.

Any ideas on how I might solve this?


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Hi retroed,

I was facing a similar issue with HTML5 on mobiles specifically.  I tried running the games in 1x resolution mode only for HTML5, now it works well for all the platforms. Also my game was 320*480 resolution just FYI.


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Hi alohabrij,

Thanks for the suggestion. I gave it a go but unfortunately the it still crashes! Not sure what else I can do.