Stencyl 4.0.4 - November 14, 2020


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Stencyl 4.0.4

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If you find any issues, please report them on the issue tracker.

Other issue tracker links:
[4.1.0] tag: features and issues planned for our next minor feature release.


- Update Stencyl's version numbering scheme. (#1920)

- [mac] Drag and drop import doesn't work with file paths that contain emoji 8) (#1880).
- Fix issues with selection while typing in Open Resource Dialog (#1754).

- Fixes to android certificate generation
  1. parent folder wasn't created if it didn't exist
  2. ask to delete existing keystore if it's already there.
  3. ensure keytool is added to the path
  4. don't assume success of the keytool command

macOS/iOS Compilation and Testing:
- Compilation error if Stencyl is installed to a path with spaces in it on macOS. (#1909)
- Can't build macOS/iOS games if Xcode was installed/updated recently and not opened. (#1942)
- Fixed a bug causing iOS compilation errors when using Xcode 10.1 (the latest available on High Sierra). (#1898)
- Building in Xcode is broken, when Xcode is launched from Stencyl. (#1941)
- When testing on iOS, game will fail to launch if debug symbols are missing. (#1940)
- Can install games to iOS 14 devices, but can't launch them from Stencyl. (#1936)

Engine Extensions:
- Fix parsing of linked engine extension paths with extra spacing.
- Allow https links to block help docs.

- Actor scale was unaccounted for in determining if an actor is on screen. (#1918)
- [mac] Game appears in bottom-left corner of screen. (#1813)
- Renamed bringImagetoFront for consistency. (#1891)

Third-Party Libraries:
- Update Lime: 7.6.3 -> 7.8.0

Other minor fixes:
- [mac] Xcode version number detected by Stencyl has only been the major part (10, 11, 12, etc) since Xcode 10.
- [windows] Quieter logging at startup when registry items not found.
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Really nice. Keep working!!!