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To make a game you really to make a plan and to make a plan you need information- especially less obvious information e.g. that Stenylworks game is not really one programme rather lots working together and so an attribute is not quite the same as a variable in a programme but rather a group of variables- Stenylworks needs a template to make a gameplan- (I could make some sort of one as much as I understand StenylWorks) where I put it? 


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An attribute is exactly a variable (in the code behind-the-scenes).

I'm not sure what else you are asking.


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The "less obvious" information is continually being documented, and some of it relates to just being experienced with StencylWorks. If you have a list of things that are good reminders of steps to take and things to prepare for in advance of starting work on a game, you're welcome to post it in the Chit-Chat forum or the Game Ideas forum (which is also for general game development discussion).
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may not be exactly what your looking for, but should be helpful in the overall process.