Awesome (free) pixel art program


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Hi guys. I found this website and had to tell you about it. It's called piq and you can make all sorts of pixel art. Choosing from three different sized grids, just fill in each square how you want it and then download to your computer.
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this is very cool


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This is a pretty interesting pixel art program I found a while back, too, also free.

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Sweet!, that pixothello program looks useful. Good find Ceric. :)

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I'm not familiar with Adobe Air.
How is it's security? They make it sound like it has more access than .exes to important
computer files. It sounds like a very nice tool to get a game out to as many different
platforms as possible without having to use anything other than AS3 though, if it's safe.

Reason I ask is that it points out that the Pickle program is an Adobe Air application.
Maybe I've used Adobe Air programs and haven't even known, but I doubt it.
It would have it's own special filetype like most other things yes? Or would it just
show up as .exe when using windows and show up as whatever native format the other
OS's use when using them? Is it weird that I'm scared to try a program made with Air?, lol.

From the screens, Pixothello looks better anyway, but I still haven't tried either.


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An application deployed in a browser does not require installation, while one deployed with AIR requires the application be packaged, digitally signed, and installed on the user's local file system. This provides access to local storage and file systems, while browser-deployed applications are more limited in where and how data can be accessed and stored.

In other words, like any executable program it has more access (and thus presents a greater security risk).
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