Needed Kong/New/Mochi API Functionality

Hello Stencyl Community,

This is a suggestion to add more behavior blocks to the Kongregate, Newgrounds, and Mochi API features offered for Flash games; to make live across-the-internet updates possible for Mochi and Newgrounds; and to make it possible to have keys loaded for Mochi and Newgrounds without interference, by making it optional to toggle them off.

There are key features missing, such as that a game cannot have similar features for every distribution without getting into code. Below are features that would need to be added so that developers can set the games up with functionality for ads, leaderboards, achievements, and be able to update the game.

Kongregate is missing Ads, as well as badges (which are achievements on Kong).
Mochi is missing achievements functionality
Newgrounds API Connector version number cannot be changed.

Beyond that, Updates for Mochi and Newgrounds need some help. Currently, MochiMedia doesn't appear to work with LiveUpdates, and so the ability for the game to be updated across the internet when a new version is ready becomes compromised. Newgrounds has a similar issue, because the API connector cannot be altered, so there is no way to change the version number (which is required for Newgrounds to upgrade every distribution of the game).

Additionally, in the Advanced Settings, there is no way to toggle off APIs that are unwanted, so developers must delete the Game ID codes for any API they aren't using. A simple check box to select whether Mochi or Newgrounds APIs will be used in tests and publishes would be a great way to solve this.

Thank you very much!


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Hi. Uhhh... I don't think I understand what you said, but on Kong the developers don't make the badges, Greg doses.