Arduino as a controller for Stencyl


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Just wondering has anyone used the Arduino ( ) to control
games made in Stencyl. What I'd like to do is build a custom controller. So
for example, it would have up, down, left, right as normal, but also a light
sensor so that if it's bright in your room, the game world is daytime, if it's
dark in the room, the game world is nighttime...

thank you in advance,



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To use it as a controller, it would probably require third-party software to emulate keypresses (this may be included with that product).

To use advanced features, such as the light sensor, you would probably need that same software and likely some AS3 code.

They state on the website that it can communicate with Flash, so it is certainly possible to use it with Stencyl.


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I bought a joystick for the ipad, it goes straight into the headphone jack and works perfectly. It would be nice to support it.
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