Starwarrior 2097 v0.9


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Genre:Shooter, Sandbox, Exploration
Intro description:
 There are four races in the galaxy, developed enough to challange star travelling.Each race has its own culture, different in anything!Decide what you will be, choose and wander freely trough the Universe with amazing spaceships, choose your weapons, know totally different cultures and try the experience of being the pilot of an advanced starship.But now stop reading the description and fly!!!

Sample gameplay:
You use arrow keys to move your starship on a 2d plane.Some starship use the mouse instead.
Z is the attack key, X the secondary and 1 to 0 keys set active weapons.
Space key is reserved to ship utilities.
You can change weapons by buying them on a free market each time you land on a planet or a station.
There is no strictly better weapons or spaceships, but only the weapons that suit better your fighting style than other.
Each race has very different spaceships, technologies and weapons, but you can combine almost of them together.

Choose a kind to start with.
Enemies incoming are Etc and you must destroy.
Travel freely and explore!

If you have any idea about other spaceships or weapons, please post!

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