Hungry Hector submitted to App Store

Finally got my game finished and uploaded to Apple. Waiting to hear back so fingers crossed. The finishing off bits at the end of the project can take a looooong time.

I went with something super-simple for the concept but the next game will be a tad more ambitious. Glad I did as there's a lot to learn. I downloaded StencylWorks on 29th Dec so it's taken just under 2 months to learn and make the game.

It also works on Flash so I've uploaded to Stencyl:

Here's the description for the App Store:

Meet Hector. A hungry prehistoric monster with an insatiable appetite and horrendous table manners. There’s only one thing that will satisfy Hector’s hunger and that’s munching copious amounts of cavemen.

- Addictive arcade gameplay
- A cute (if slightly gross) new character
- Beat your high score
- Awesome tribal soundtrack
- Funny animations and effects
- Apologies for Hector’s burping - you have been warned!
- Simple one finger controls
- Game Center

And one of my screenshots

Thanks to Jon and the team for putting up with my questions. :-) And the other folks posting here. I'm looking forward to getting on with the next game.

Good luck with your game!

Tom / Dusker


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Congratulations! Great graphics, by the way.


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Nice job! I love the artwork and I can't wait to see what you come up with next!


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Fantastic artwork you've got there. What are your plans for promoting this?

Fantastic artwork you've got there. What are your plans for promoting this?

Thanks Jon, I set up a basic website yesterday for my games. Will have to look into how to promote it too.


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Well done and good looking game!


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Nice looking game, I've added your game to our website here:

I'm loving how istencyl is getting more games out for ios :).


Just a quick update. The app is now live on the App Store

@strancali - thanks for adding the game!


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Thanks! I'll update the showcase and the blog now.


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Cool graphics, but too simple game play...  :(

Good luck anyway!
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