Rocket Boat - Ludum Dare 23


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Just a quick game I made for ludum dare last weekend.
Or just

Quote from: Rhys
You have a boat, and it has a rocket booster on the bottom! What better thing to do than cause senseless destruction to random property and military vehicles?

Your (self set?) mission is to destroy all cities on each of the 5 planets as fast as you can because why the hell not?

-- Instructions --

Right to move clockwise, Left to move anti-clockwise. Use the mouse to fire missiles. If you get stuck failing a jump, press enter to suicide.

I would have used the rocket boat mechanic to be used ingame, but I ran out of time! It's still cool seeing it fly off of the planet though.

Interested in hearing your opinions. :)


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This is hell to play on a laptop for me.. :P Always too slow.


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2 slow 4 particles


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wow. this game rocks! great entry for LD!