Bug in Pre-shipped On Screen Button behavior?


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Hm, I'm sorry, I'm running out of ideas how to fix/improve this. Maybe in 3.0 it will be easier to get it right.

Well it's working with Sliding on. Just when pressing left also pushed down the right button, but I have a feeling it might be a problem in my game, might redo the buttons altogether. Thanks for your help.


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I have the same issue, I am using the Pre-Shipped Behavior and it works fine, one problem is the buttons do have a tendency to get stuck. I am wondering if it may help to test it on iOS Device first though..... One simple and stupid error I had was to disable all physics on the Button (Actor). I did not notice it until my Buttons got to a point where they were floating in mid air and then began to fall :P


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Are you working with 2.2? I think in the 3.0 beta the On Screen Button works better, at least I haven't heard of any problems recently.