Lurking Thommo


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First time I've used anything like this since AMOS back in the good old Amiga days. The game is based on an ex-Liverpool football player who, in one of the pre season training pictures, was kinda lurking in the background. I did a few photoshops of it for an LFC website and it went from there (just google Lurking Thommo and you'll see all the pictures it spawned).

Its really simple Where's Wally type game, giving you 5 seconds to locate him before you die. I just wanted it to be annoying, have poor gameplay and have annoying music - giving me the chance to learn Stencyl for Lurking Thommo 2.

I forgot to add that its more of an in joke than anything else.

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This game is frightening! I know it's supposed to be funny, but it makes me uneasy. I'm kind of afraid the Lurking Thommo will come get me now that played this game.