[Solved] how to create dynamic actors and use his attributes?


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Hi, I am enjoying with this tool!

I am following the Stencyl TV tutorials of Abigayl (1 and 2), and I am working in a derivate idea, that is to generate letters in a random way and to use his respective value to store it in a game attribute. I can not figure out how to do that, there is a way or ways to do that? that I want is to make click over each letter and use his value to store it.

I want to say that the only that I found (to create random letters and store each value in a game attribute when is clicked), was create lots of authors (one per letter) and call each author in a random way when scene is created.

thanks in advance.

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I'm kind of confused as to what exactly you want to do with it.

If you want to generate random letters you can do the following:

Make a list from from 0-25 (computers start a 0) where the 0th entry is A, the 1st entry is B, and so on.

Use the random number generator from 0-25 to generate a number.

Look up that number on the list.

The whole process if I understand you correctly is attached.


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@jrw, thank you for your answer, sorry if I was not clear.

I am following the videos of Abigayl http://www.stencyl.com/help/view/stencyl-tv/. She create one author and spawn the author in a random way over the scene (please review scene-when_created-create_enemies.png file and  actor-behavior-when-is-created.png file). then I want to create letters in the same way and make click on each letter to get his value and then display an asociated image and word according the letter selected (like display an image related with the letter).

I am a begginer in this world of games and Stencyl, sorry if I was not clear with the concepts related.


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I have found a useful way to random animations of an Author http://community.stencyl.com/index.php?topic=4609.0#msg29964 . that is about how to display random letters. regarding how to get attributes of actors: http://community.stencyl.com/index.php?topic=1533.0#msg11327

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