[WIP]SUPER Bear Hunter: Apocalypse


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Alright, so where do I start... First of all, the thing that really annoys me is the fact that you can't see the bullet, but it still kills the bears, I think it'd be nice if the bullets were still shows or that you limit the range of the gun, to make the, now somewhat easy, game harder.
Further, I don't like how you use different styles of art. On the background you have very rough pixel-art, then you have the hunter and the bears who have smaller pixels and are more detailed and then you have the meteors and the floor, which again have smaller pixels.
Further, I think bears should be killed by meteors to keep the realism there, and I think the bears could use some new sprites as they look really off now, especially on the arms.

Overall, I think the game is too easy and lacks a goal. At the moment, the game exists out of nothing but shooting bears. It'd be nice to actually have some goal and perhaps several environments and enemies. Perhaps gun upgrades, it'd be cool if the bears dropped hide or something, which you can sell in order to buy stuff. Anyways, decent game, but there's a lot of room for improvement.
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Hey Lympha thanks for the feedback!
Currently working on my upcoming stencyl game SUPER Bear Hunter: Apocalypse. You can play what I've got so far here http://bit.ly/Kf743Q