isometric games


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How do i make a isometric game


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Do a forum search next time. There's been basically a post per week on this. Also, since they are much more complicated and this is your first post and you didn't have the patience to look for the answers... I don't really advise you starting with a difficult task if you actually hope to complete the game.
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I've had a look at these and something just doesn't gell for me: this is a common problem for many iso games mapped to keyboard cursor keys, where UP goes North East, DOWN = South West, etc. I find this incredibly unsatisfying. Let me state again this ISN'T a criticism of any of the suggested kits, but a more general comment.

I guess the options are:
1) Keep it as is - always an option
2) Make the keys map to NESW and rely on two keys to go INTO the projection - better spatial mapping by player, effectively to 8way movement.
3) Make movement "first person" where UP goes forwards in whatever direction the character was pointing and left/right rotate orientation between 'allowed' directions.
4) <insert your ideas here!>

It would be nice to experiment with these kits to see what works well for the player. What do people think?


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I think it will depend very much on the type of game, but your options 2 and 3 sound good.
I'll add
4) Mouse based movement (click an adjacent tile to move there; or click anywhere to move there, but that would require pathfinding.)


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