Stencyl Game Jam at Newgrounds - $1,400 in prizes - WINNERS ANNOUNCED


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You know what, I might go in... I'm not sure yet though.


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I'm not going to enter because I'm no where near good enough, but if I could give an idea for a future competition, uploading something (great/usefull) to StencylForge. Not only will it make the Forge a lot more beefy but it'll bring in a lot more people to Stencyl if they can easily see what they can make out of a Kit or anything else on there.


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Can We Modify The StencylJam Button? My Game Is A 8-Bit Game And I Need To Pixelate It...


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You'd have to ask Newgrounds. They are running this contest, not us.

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I'm in and i'll do my best :)


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No problem... I'm on it :D


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Would we be turning over ownership of the title to any one by entering?


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There's nothing in the rules that they posted that say you would be giving them anything other than the usual permissions to host and display your game on their website. In fact, the rules post even states "your game can be sponsored and still participate if you follow the above criteria." which means you could in theory sell the game/sponsorship to a completely different group and still upload it to Newgrounds.
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Don't worry our game is too heavy for flash portals :/.
Hey we get some nice press cover !


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Don't worry our game is too heavy for flash portals :/.
Hey we get some nice press cover !

Congrats! That's great.


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I think I'll adapt my PrefabJam for this. Going to be quite different in a few respects, because I don't have to keep myself restricted to Stencyl's Prefab Library.


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It has been a really, really long time since I've done something. At least now I have motivation to try again :D
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Setting up the gear..
 which reminds me, the entry for the previous Game Jam has to be polished and uploaded for play.. so will fix previous one first !!