Performance on Stencyl Arcade


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Hey fellow developers...

just started working with stencyl and I like it :). While testing my first creation I ran into an issue:

If I test my game locally the framerate is quite good (40-60), however, when I upload it to Arcade it diminishes signifcantly (30-40) this normal? If yes, why does it happen? If no, what could be the reason?

One possible reason could be that the game is on 640*520 on Arcade though I put the size in the settings to 640*480. I read somewhere that resizing could kill performance, any suggestions why this happens and how I could change it?

After following some performance hints on Stencylpedia my game became "playable" but still I'm wondering why the performance is that bad when playin it over Arcade...

thanks for any help...

and greetings.

-edit: if you want to have a look at the game: As you can see it's quite heavily based on physics/collisions...maybe there are also some more performance tweaks possible?

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I get a steady 60 fps on your game, so it might be other things going on in the background ?

I turned off all active content in my browser by default, so i don't get any buggy ads or similar slowing it down.


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thank you for your answer. Yep, that might be the case...

I also remarked that the framerate increases when I play it over over chrome and not ff  :o