Where.Is.Mrs.Honey? (Demo)


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What to say...this game is kind of odd. It's about a bear who is looking for his wife, Mrs. Honey. It's kind of a maze/rpg hybrid. Use the arrow keys to move and make decisions.

For a lot of the time, I was just playing with the design, seeing what I could and couldn't do. I'm still working on getting random battles (or Mother 3/Chrono Trigger collision-triggered battles) implemented, adding Mrs. Honey herself, and a LOT of puzzles.


Please suggest a feature and/or let me know what you think! Thanks a lot! -MP


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I have been defeated by a green tea latte :(.


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It's an evil beverage  >:(

I imagine he or she is like a midboss. I want to include weaker enemies for next update.


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Uploaded a minor update:

-tile changes
-lowered enemy hp
-added animations for dodging attacks and getting hit
-when the demo reloads, you keep the coins and bottles of wine you collected, but hp is reset.