Can not login from StencylWorks, only on the browser


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Hi. Just got Stencylworks.
I could not sign up from the program so I created my user online. Now I still can not login from the program, but I do on the browser, hence, I can not access resources from within Stencylworks.

Have double checked my firewall (zone alarm) and there is no restriction for java, air, flash. StencylWorks is running now as admin, but it seems that it has no connection to the internet at all. *at least to*.
Am pretty confident that there is no other restriction or firewall on my machine. So, can it be some sort of IP ban or block on your site? I live in Guatemala, Central America and use a Movistar or Claro Internet Service, most of them are shared ip subnets.


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Welcome to Stencyl! From the menu bar, go to Debug > Generate Logs, and post the file here. That might help us diagnose your connections issues.


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JDforce, are you still having problems?
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