Super Rocketeer Devlog


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Super Rocketeer is a game I've been developing in Stencyl for a little over a year, and I thought I'd start making text + video updates as it grows.

The game is a semi-fast paced platformer where the character has a lot of mobility by being able to boost in different directions and move on walls freely, among other things. I aim to put an emphasis on atmosphere and attention to detail, as well as make it more story-oriented down the line.

Here's the first log on Youtube where I explain the game
or watch it in perfect quality on Dropbox

I didn't mention it in the video, but the music's currently being made by Chris Malson.

Also here's my Twitter which I'll now start using for this project.

Also here are some screenshots [click to enlarge]:


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Sweet sweet stuff. The movement looks so smooth. You talked about sensors in your video. Do you have actual physical sensors there that are hidden or something else?  I remember doing physical ones on a MMF2 game that I worked on a few years back. Just curious.

But overall very very very nice stuff. Cant wait to try it.
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The sensors are hidden actors that detect collision, I guess that means they're physical.

Just finished making an effect where if Rocketeer falls for a long period the screen starts progressively shaking to simulate a fall shock effect, and I gave him a hard landing animation.


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This looks fantastic, I want to play it. I like your explanations about how you overcame various development obstacles, those will be very useful to newbie developers.


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I just wanted to chime in and say that this is probably one of the best platforming games I've ever seen, not limited to Stencyl games. It isn't fully apparent in this video, but the atmosphere and interaction with the world is incredible. Everyone should make sure they follow this devlog!


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Thanks for posting this; there are plenty of great tips, and I know that I will return to this video in order to solve problems that I will face in the future.

I look forward to future episodes.

If you don't mind, I'd like to link to the video from

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very nice keep up the good work!


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Fantastic work. I would also like to experience that first hand :)
Any plans in doing a mobile version?
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Thanks all.

If you don't mind, I'd like to link to the video from
I have no problem with that.

Quote from: JensWinterstein
Any plans in doing a mobile version?

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Looks great, your art work is very slick!


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Nice project. I like that you describe the complexity of your project in your vlog. Many players don't appreciate the effort that was taken into a project, maybe your videos will sensitise them a bit. :)


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Wow that's looking really great so far, I love the art and the whole concept seems really original.
I'm really hoping this will be released soon, I think you could probably put this on Steam if you're done.
It's also kind of de-motivating to hear how you fix problems, especially for a newbie to the whole game industry like me.
Anyways, keep it up, is there any chance of a preview to be released soon?
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I'm really hoping this will be released soon
These are alpha videos of me still building the fundamental engine, so I wouldn't expect a release anytime soon. A good game takes time.

Finishing up my checklist of things to complete for my next update. Good progress has been made.


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I love the art style. The game is  on my radar!