Hold a Key and Release Click to delete?


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I find myself removing alot of simple code blocks like =>, and, or....

Instead of draging them to the bin, I'd like to hold a Key, say for example 'D' and click on the block to delete it. It then deletes on the click release.

Anyone like this idea?


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There's a shortcut that no longer shows in the right-click menu. But you can press   Ctrl(or Mac equiv)+k to delete any freestanding blocks that are unattached. 

It's like dragging all freestanding blocks to the trash can at the same time. Not exactly what ud wanted but I think it is close enough.
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Yeah I use Ctrl + K alot, but sometimes I want to delete 1 or 2. Just thought it might help with workflow, maybe more for me, as I'm working on a laptop with a touch pad.