Artist looking for experienced programmer traditional snes rpg


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I have a ton of graphical resources for rpgs and i do a lot of custom work too menu designs or backrounds tile-sets and sprites i also animate if you want to see some of my work send me a message or email me at or just replay in here haha :)


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Is Anathema the game you're working on? It doesn't look half bad... though I can see a few places where you're trying to fix it up or haven't implemented yet. One of them I believe is exiting out of the menu and remembering the player locations and the scene they're on.

Interestingly, I have to some extent done turn-based battle systems before with SilverCreator... that pre-dates my Stencyl works!

I can't help but wonder where the music comes from... because the topic title, which contains SNES (Super Nintendo), caught my eye... I can produce real SNES music for this game if you want. ^_^
Hi, all! I'm KungFuFurby, music composer. If you're looking for some music for your game, just PM me.
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