Actor sending a message to another [Crash on IOS]


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Hi, i'm on the middle of a project, using stencyl v1.x, and i think that is not a good idea upgrading right now. On the other hand, i'm testing all that i've done with my crew on v1.x at stencyl 2.0.

The thing is: In both stencyl versions, i'm getting into this weird crash.

On IOS is impossible to realize an exchange of messages between actors. i have a serious crash on runtime app (not a compilation issue).

I have a button actor and a rocket actor. when i touch the button, i wanna to send a message to rocket actor to launch itself.

The attachment bellow works fine on flash, but on IOS just crash. Not just in 1.0 but in 2.0 too.
Someone can help me ?
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