Who wants to make an RPG? :)


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Well? ^^

I think I'm about at the level where I'm able to make an RPG similar to NES Final Fantasy (or more Flash-related example, MARDEK). The thing is that I have too much ideas for games, not only RPGs, and it's difficult for me to focus on one thing, especially if I'm supposed to be in charge of everything...
...alright, I still spend most of the time dragging blocks in DM. But with something as huge as RPG the major part will be story/settings etc. rather than logic itself. And to be honest, I wouldn't like to be alone with that, especially since more people are more likely to come up with greater variety of NPCs, side dialogues etc.

Of course, I can't make 10 RPGs at the same time, so if many people will want me to help with their RPG ideas, I'll need to choose. In such case I'll choose the author I'd like to work with the most. It also means that the idea needs to catch my interest.

Also, you don't need to be afraid. I have no intention of stealing your ideas. If I don't accept your proposition, it means that it wasn't interesting enough for me, anyway, and I don't expect you to give me all the scenario at once. ;)
If you don't include all details of the game I'd like to know, I'll probably ask about them, anyway. Which might be actually a good sign, since it means that project interested me enough to ask about more.

What I might find appealing:
 - Original general story, plot twists, interesting and deep characters etc. (especially when it comes to unexpectedly good, yet convincing endings)
 - Some sort of freedom; maybe not necessarily something which leads to multitude of endings, but if the game allows player to search for things in different orders or if there are many subquests, then it's much more entertaining.
 - Humorous plot/ideas/NPCs (just note that "humour" is much wider term than "silliness", and can be played in variety of ways and situations, scary and serious including)
 - Example dialogues! Or rather, I'd really like to see a kind of dialogue the author can write, and it's up to author to choose which situation they would like to show; it might be the beginning, ending, something inbetween, or even some unrelated to plot NPC. Generally, that's exactly where I'd like you to show the best you've got, or at least something close enough! (while it probably still will be little compared to the all dialogues which would be needed for such game, so there's no way I'd base my hypothetical stolen-idea RPG on that, is there? ;) )
 - If you happen to be an artist, you can also show me example graphics of yours; they can be sprites or backgrounds, as well as speaking character portraits. Actually, an idea which doesn't require much more than bunch of simple geometrical shapes might work too. :P Just note that pixel graphics don't have to be bad, and complex graphics don't have to be good (character drawings from Lethal RPG Destiny were just... ugh! >.<). Graphical skills aren't necessary, but if artist can be already found, then it's even better. ;)
 - I also like when something seemingly evil turns out to be ok in general. For example, undead creatures don't have to be as evil as they're thought to be.
 - Interesting game mechanics. I don't really know what people might consider as such, but there are probably quite many not-so-overused models of RPG games. ;)
 - Interesting class/character features. For example, warrior skills would require pressing keys at proper time, while wizard would need the proper spell typed in; alchemist in turn would be able to mix items during battle to make something really explosive. It's just an example, you don't need to follow it, especially since it might take some time to code. :P

What is likely to repel me:
 - Poor dialogue/language. It's, like, the essential part of RPGs, so it should be great!
 - Horribly typical stories, but I hope I won't see many of them. :P
 - Usage of some common graphic libraries. Really, I'd prefer much more using original drawings, even if they wouldn't be of top quality, rather than something which can be seen in many other games. I particularly think of certain red-haired guy from RPG Maker...
So yes, if you don't have something original to show, just don't do it. If the idea really is that great, I guess it won't hurt to search for an actual artist (or artists, if e.g. one would specialize in character portraits, and the other one in sprites, or something).
 - Detailed description of mechanics, with different formulas and such. Really, that should better be left for game creation itself, I don't need them right now.
 - Same goes for characters/classes. Although I would like to read a bit about warriors, wizards or alchemists, I'm not really impressed when I see, like, 14 classes/characters, which aren't really that different. You really need to show me something unique about each of these which makes them sensible and irreplaceable party member.

Other comments:
 - This game doesn't have to include advanced combat/character leveling system. In fact, getting rid of levels and have battles in more puzzle-ish and less random fashion might remove the problem of grinding. You might actually get rid of battles at all and focus more on adventure aspect of game, with each quest being separate story in a way, rather than yet another "kill 50 rats" or "bring me 20 flowers".
(of course, I strongly encourage to be creative about quests in combat-based RPGs as well! Such kinds of quests as named above are actually what would be horribly uninteresting to me >.<)

What I can offer:
 - A dialogue system, whose recent version can be found here: [LINK]. Not only that, but since this system is easily expandable, I can include there e.g. control of camera or character movement.
 - Tile-based movement. This one should be actually much easier than aforementioned system, especially with 2D Arrays blocks I made before. ^^'
 - Interaction with NPCs/devices, as well as script triggering (when character steps onto certain field, that is). Not only simple talking, but if needed, I can add e.g. using selected items on NPC as well (which might be particularly useful in more adventure-based RPGs)!
 - If needed (haha, I guess it'll end up so, anyway), advanced battle system, with possible dialogues between opponent and characters, as well as possibility of making quite complex AI.
 - Some help with story/dialogues/other thingies.

That's it for now, any questions? O.o'

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I have a few ideas I've been toying with. I'll send you a private message.


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PM got, I'll probably reponse to it later, since now I need to go sleep. O.o'

Oh, and in case you (people) haven't noticed, I've just updated the first post, so I recommend checking this one out. ;)


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Hm.... Could you make a tutorial or a record of your process ?
It might be a great help to me :D


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Hey Sunflower,

I am currently in the process of creating a top-down/open-world RPG.  Now before you look at my profile, notice that i have only been here for like a week, say good luck, and move on, let me sway you. 

I may be a noob to the engine and somewhat of a noob to action script, but this is not the first coding language I have ever looked at.  I am a 22 year old guy from Seattle and have been coding python/ruby for years.

Although most of my experience has been developing exploits for windows based machines through metasploit I do have a bit of game coding experience as well.  I am an amateur 3d model-est ( i know this is a 2d engine), and I had a hand in the epsilon minecraft client. 

I already have the early alpha stage up on the site.  It includes one of the behaviors I coded from scratch.  Directional sword attack ( you can find in the forge)

I don't want to discuss any other ideas openly here in the forums so if you are interested at all send me a pm.  I am on pretty often.

~thank you


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Well, I don't except anyone to have experience with Stencyl / ActionScript, since I assume that I can make the logic for key features of FF-style RPG myself (the Stencyl part will be mainly understanding the dialogue system and placing tiles / actors on scene, which can be quickly learnt). O.o' It's the story (with strong pressure on dialogues) that interests me.

In other words, if you have some great story idea in mind, and some piece of dialogue to show as well (to determine what kind of dialogue and situation you can come up with; it should be something interesting/funny/unusual or something; that's where you show the best you can come up with), then please PM me those.

Just note that I'm not really fond of having the main character named "Thepopeisgod". O.o'

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Luke B

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Hi there, looks like you're embarking on a pretty ambitous project. Fortunately i always end up in that direction too!!

I've had an idea i've been sitting on for a while that i'll attempt to timeline today and share if i think its worth while, again it's pretty ambitious. This will all really depend on the setting you have in mind, fantasy, futuristic, etc.

I usually do 2d art so i never really have the means of getting my ideas to 'come alive'. Just out of curiosity whats sort of sizes would characters, tiles, world etc be in your mind so far? And what sort of duration would you like this game to last?

PS: i quiet enjoy the zenonia series of smart phone rpgs, so my thinking works around this style.

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Sounds pretty awesome if you ask me. It seems as if we could turn this into a "Pokemon" game. Now, I know you've probably heard this before, but if we can construct a project with good enough tile-based movement, battle sequences, and a main story line, then we'll be on to something for sure.

But back to the main project: the RPG can follow the story of a young boy who goes around the world to find out what happened to his parents. So he has to deal with master criminals, assassins, and the occasional giant monster.

Now what I can contribute is some decent ideas, and I could help design some sprites. I'm still a beginner, though.


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Id like to  make a game, ive played mardek alot ^^
I could help with some of the bulk work, and i have two guitars so i could help make background music or something ;)
i also have good experience with stencyl, and some in html if you ever need that.


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Generally, if you want to cooperate, please send me PM / post message here with more details about your idea (again, I'm particularly interested not only in storyline overview, but example dialogues too).

If someone just wants to make a graphics / soundtrack for already existing RPG idea, I'd like to see some samples as well. ;)


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You stopped replying to my PMs. If you're not interested, anymore, say so. I might try to work with someone else on it.


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Uhh, sorry, it seems that the end of semester will be more time-consuming than I thought! ;-; This, and the fact that I generally tend to write relatively long and detailed messages.

It's not that I've lost interest, though! I'm just in quite a hurry (which itself is quite uncomfortable, since I like to take my time) and I might not have time at one moment, and forget about things until another. Sorry if me not responding came off as ignoring you or something! >.<
Also, I'd like to not engage in one project until I'm sure nothing else will catch my interest. Which is still possible, especially when university effectively keeps me from getting engaged in more detailed stuff, anyway.

But yes, probably until I have more stable situation (which should be in about 2-3 weeks, I assume), you people can send your ideas. When I finally decide, I'll post here about it. ^^'

Nomosoft: if you think you can't stand this state of quantum uncertainty for that long, you might as well search for someone else (though you don't have to, mind you :P). Again, I'm sorry for not responding that long. >.<


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I've no ideas for an RPG game. Well... there's one.
Just a general idea: There's a llama... and his wool has BEEN SHAVED!
You can go on from there. :D

Joking aside, if you want a coding partner, I'm available.
Hail The Llama
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I have many, too many to count. (As of now I'm working on a RPG based on the hero of the Crash Course! :) I only have the plot so far, though... :() Though, I have one that we could work on. I'll send you a PM. ... Later.

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I have a lot of ideas for RPG games. I have been game master for 10 years, so i have good knowledge on making storylines. Im working in my own proyect atm, but your idea seems good. Just PM me if you have interest.