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That reminds me of my own game. I have at least forty music tracks planned for that game.  :D

It also reminds me of both Swim and Mind Snap, both which I've made at least forty tracks. Mind Snap is actually at least double that.

I plan on making three versions with my game, though. The first directly streams the audio (it's the earliest one implemented), and that isn't very long-lasting in terms of sound, as the links can break. The second one is complete, but it's extremely large as it contains all the music (and maybe a few extras!). The third one has the sounds embedded, but at a severe quality price to fit within 15-16 MB, and in addition, I'm planning on axing a few tracks, and the tracks have been shortened.
Hi, all! I'm KungFuFurby, music composer. If you're looking for some music for your game, just PM me.
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