Has anyone ever failed a project?


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Oh, I've failed projects often. There are a ton of projects I've put on a backburner because I just felt demotivated for many reasons:

1)The game was too big, too daunting.
2)I'd gotten much better at graphics and feel like the work I've already done is ugly. (Though ugliness is, of course, subjective so not everyone has the same perception of what looks good or not. I just tend to get hard on myself when I get better at graphics and look back.)
3)It has ceased to be interesting to me.
4)Other stuff, work, time, etc.

It's natural to get sidetracked/discouraged and in turn fail your project. It's what you learn from the experience that matters.


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I had a game idea that wouldn't fly because there was no good way to draw the main character, a phoenix, as a pixel sprite small enough.  Bummer.

I really want to revisit the idea some day though.  Perhaps another artist on the interwebs can prove me wrong!


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My whole problem is the size of the project.  My mind really runs away with a number of my endeavors, particularly in writing/comics and game design.  Once I learn a new piece of code, I immediately think of all these crazy ways I could use it, and the game design period jumps from a few weeks to some undetermined point in the far future  ::)

So with Stencyl, I'm toning that down alot.  Sure, I won't have some epic RPG action-adventure that spans 3 games.  But I'm only one guy, and I have to be realistic until things progress further.


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Happens all the time to me. My latest project is actually one I dumped over 3 months ago, I touched up on it a lot.


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Done that before with my SilverCreator games (and earlier game utensils). I also have some Stencyl games way in the back of my mind that I made concepts, but no game. One of them I did a 3D effect demo, but didn't progress past that.
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Well to be honest my live is just a sequence of failed projects. I don't remember anything ever succeeded :o

Anyway you know what they say......never give up.....keep on trying until you drop dead.... :-X


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I've never been outright stumped on how to proceed, but I've made a ton of games which I lost total interest in.


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it happens to me alot, plus i suck at artwork