Experienced Pixel Artist and Animator here!


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what's up everyone, new to Stencyl but been spriting for a few

ok so i'm back and i want my return to be stronger than ever.

Here's my newest work this summer of 2012

PM me if interested in my work :)

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What's so awesome about this is that I've been contemplating an Adventure Time-Based RPG for so long now and those sprites are fantastic, keep up the good work! I may have to hit you up at some time, cash money of course! :D


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Sure I'm always available :)


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Anyone want to collaborate? I'm up for small projects. :)


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Those sprites look great!


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Thank you! Also added a new enemy to my game :)


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Can you make a pixel mid-turret (shooting and not shooting)
Thanks you . :D
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I really like your art.  If it's not a secret, what program do you use for your sprite animations?
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@Eldon - I use a combination of Graphics Gale, MS Paint, and Adobe Photoshop CS5. Mostly graphics gale because of the superior onion skinning and palette but when actually saving the file as an animation I use Photoshop.

@Xietao - If you can make your request more appealing I would take it into consideration.

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I can only see the first screenshot, the rest are image-shack frog's in ice cubes (0_0)

But you have some impressive sprites, would you by any chance offer us a tutorial one of these days
( (>_<) fingers crossed )


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I'm on my way to reuploading all the animations on tinypic or dropbox. I have the same problem with imageshack when I'm on a different computer or not logged in.

Sorry I don't really have any tutorials for sprites.. I'm a good critic and teacher but have no time to make my own tutorial, but I know a LOT of good tutorials and sites that can help you sprite better if you'd like. :)

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Hi man, your work is so impressive. I especially love the blue and orange sprite, he looks like a badass knight.

I've got a question for you, is it possible to get your help, and pay you in another way that money ? ( Sorry for this sentence I really didn't know how to spell it ). Because I have no money and I have a little job to do and I can't get rid of it (http://community.stencyl.com/index.php/topic,11538.0.html).

Thanks in advance, and I can't wait to see some other sprites, your art looks really great. :)
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Your art is epic!


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Oh hell no it's flopping x_X

Change the color or something.