Stencyl 3.0 - Design Once. Play Anywhere. (Soft Launched on Feb 20th)


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People weren't joking when they said EXE compiling is a long process! I'm happy the end result is so stable...

The scene designer seems to collapse the dashboard now, doesn't it? I don't recall that happening before. Those kind of small undocumented changes are often pleasant to find. :D

The windows exe compile sometimes takes a while, but that's usually just on the first time, subsequent compiles are faster. I've been testing the exe a lot lately and found it seems quite viable for even a bit higher scope, higher res games than I previously thought.

Only thing to be careful about is use of the apply effect block on big actors (big as in more than usual sprites/animations) isn't very efficient and may cause some stuttering. This is a known issue and hopefully will be improved in the future.


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I was actually going to, but for reasons I can't disclose, I'm holding on to the old site for a few days more.

It looks like the new site is here and Stencyl 3.0 launched.  That undisclosed information is still intriguing though. Although, it's nice to be done with secrets. Now that Stencyl 3.0 is out, I don't have to worry about the NDA anymore. 

That said, Newgrounds will be kicking off a big Stencyl jam tomorrow, so it's not going to be *too* quiet.

That's nice to see, Stencyl mentioned right at the top of the site.

It's looking like good days for Stencyl.

It looks like the timing of the Interactive Stencyl Textbook is pretty good too. I'm getting close to the finish line.

Stencyl, a story of patience and persistence.  :D
Michael Garofalo – Author of The Interactive Stencyl Textbook 8)


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1635 posts later, I'm putting the original topic to rest, so the official 3.0 announcement can take its place.,29048.0.html