Stencyl 3.0 - Design Once. Play Anywhere. (Soft Launched on Feb 20th)


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Jezus was the first pirate ever. Remember how he took one piece of bread and one fish and put them on a server where everyone could download it? ;)
HAHA good one +1

May I ask will the new engine give us better performance in games?
Currently waiting for joints in stencylworks.


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Awesome! I wasn't impressed with the difference from Stencyl and Stencyl 2.0, 3.0 seems like it will be a lot better.


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And the diffrence between 1.0 and 3.0?
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Will the stencyl marketplace become available then? If so I would like to get started on some templates now :)

Max Finch

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dont make me pirate stencyl PLEASE let android be FREE

I'm sure they can get rid of your account and block your IP, so I would recommend NOT pirating as that's not cool. What if I pirated YOUR game?


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I love stencyl and all but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WOULD YOU PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT GLOBAL ATTRIBUTES. They never seem to work and you can read endless forums with people bitching and complaining about how they don't work as well .So just drill it into the stencyl teams head THAT THE FUCKING global attributes don't work.

(and before you tell me "you have been doing it wrong" or some shit like that i have been trying a month and a half now, so i am more than a little frustrated)


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72master, I'm assuming you're referring to game attributes.  I've had only a couple problems with them, and they both apply to list game attributes.  The first problem is that you can't save certain data types like actors in a game attribute list.  The Stencylpedia article warns about that.  The second problem is that the default values of game attribute lists don't save properly.  An easy solution is to set those values in your first scene prior to loading the game.  Is your problem different than either of those?


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Which program should i buy to create and publish android games


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what a question !

Which program should i buy to create and publish android games


Ha Ha !!

Or buy Stencyl 3.x and have FUN while create your game(s) !!


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With Stencyl 3.0 we would be able to get our games on to Android.
So can we expect support for at least couple of ad networks to monetize free games?
Currently we have only iAds.

Or will it possible for us to manually integrate any ad network's SDK into the stencyl code in some way?


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if i buy a package now which one will add support for android games?

Edit: NM just seen which one


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When is 3.0 beta coming out?


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When is 3.0 beta coming out?

When will Stencyl 3.0 arrive?

3.0 will arrive this summer. Work is well underway, and as of today, I’ve already ported the majority of the engine over. We’ll put out a demo in June.

Please read the blog first ! Thank you !!


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Not many days left in June. :( But, I really am not worried. Let them take their time, as they will surely impress all of us.
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Someone's Android tablet arrived yesterday....... :D

(fyi it was mine)