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Galactic conflict is my upcoming 2d space sandbox game. It involves earning credits (game money) through veriest means like mining, fighting in fast paced combat, and exploring over (hopefully) 90 sectors. With enough credits you will be able to upgrade your ships and buy better ones by landing on the different planets around the galaxy. I am also hoping on having a faction point system so some items must be earned instead of bought outright. There is a lot more I have planed but i wont bore you with details.

In this test build:
Start off in a Alliance sector, don't shoot there patrolling ships unless you want a challenging fight.
go to the north warp gate that you started by, fly into it while shooting to go to other sector (not a intended game mechanic) to find a more even challenge.

Only 2 sectors in this demo.
All asteroids are destructible.
Ship radar and shields working.
Switch between 3 ships currently by using number keys 1, 2, 3,
The enemy AI needs alot of work so just bare with it.

left arrow - turn left
right arrow - turn right
up arrow - ship thrusters
space bar - shoot primary
X - view map

Any constructive criticism is appreciated.
Josh C.

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