Am I going crazy!? I can't get any collision to work


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I have a square actor and next to it is another square actor - I've tried all the Collision types to detect they are touching and I can't get them to register with a print 'TOUCHING!" in the console.

Is 2.1 broken!?


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This is probably a bad way of doing it, but at least it shows you an example of how to get them to collide...Itll probably print Touchings as long as you are touching actor 2, but u get the idea:

Set square actor 1 to a different group like Players and square actor 2 to a group like Enemies. At the groups go to the enemies and enable collision with players.

Then inside of square actor 1, add a (Collision --> Any actor collides with... --> Member of Group) event.

Set the group of the event to Enemies, then add Print (Touching!) inside its block.

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I am having the exact problem, I have a actor group for bullets and one for enemies and I want it so that when a bullet hits an enemies, then It prints hit but nothing works. I tried your method but still nothing works at all and this should be extremely simple stuff, why!  :'(

Echo Magnum

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apparently you have to select the collision group in the collision setting and in the properties for the actor which is a bit stupid but fine I guess.