Leaning curve in Stencyl could be better


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I know exaclty how you feel, although I'm slowly getting there and understanding a bit by bit by following tutorials when I go and try to do something myself I get lost and have no idea what to do... It sucks.


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When I starting with Stencyl its really stucks (if you is the first time making game), but is you reading the Stencylpedia and follow tutorials...
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I don't think it would be such a bad idea to add maybe another Crash Course to the Stencylpedia.

Something I found lacking in the Crash Courses is the concept of scope and how to get around it.

For example, perhaps an extended version of the second crash course that explains how you can increase the speed for all the Aliens at once. This would touch on the fact that each instance, has it's own set of attributes and that such an event must be done on a higher level than the Alien actor to be able to make it apply to all the Aliens(perhaps with a "for each actor type").

And it might not be a bad idea to implement some of these things as Behaviors. Making code general enough to be reusable is an extremely valuable technique.


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I have found Asteroids game by Ceric to be very educational. It doesn't have good rating for some reason, but nice for study, probably there you can see example of reusable code. Wish there were more games like that.

I also would love to see more tutorials.
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Check out this work from a user as well: http://community.stencyl.com/index.php/topic,9984.0.html
Yes, those are amazing. Wonder why they are not on the Stencylpedia yet
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In my opinion, StencylPedia isn't the place for tutorials on how to make specific things, but rather general usage of Stencyl.


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I have seen Abigayl's tutorials on Stencylpedia and as for me they are exactly where they should be. Publysher's tutorials are same detailed and useful, so that's why I mentioned Stencylpedia.
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I would like to make two suggestions on this topic:

1: a better API for the individual 'functions' especially for those with "no help" available. I often find myself testing a function over and over to see what it actually does. Even if users could post explainations of the functions that would be great...

...which leads to...

2: let users post examples for the help documentation as images with text explainations of what the code does.


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lol, i had (or have) the same problem, sometimes i see a behavior made that is on stencylforge and i try to learn something with it, but really they are very complicated  they add a lot of stuff.

but anyways something that i like about stencyl is that if you have imagination you can do anything.... imagination you say? yes because there are many different  ways to do a behaviour you just need to be creative and you can find the way to do it

but what you said is a good idea though