Many attributes - sorting, search function and better dropdown for some blocks


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I have quite a long list of attributes in one of my behaviours and the list may grow even bigger. It started to be hard keeping it clean, especially after I change some parts of code.

Maybe I'm missing some feature, in such case I hope you can enlighten me :). I tried

Otherwise, here is my ideas. It would be far easier if I could:
1) sort the attributes list (by name, by type and by hidden/not hidden columns)
2) search for all blocks that use given attribute (I imagine it would be under right click, then some buttons for next and previous block, as well as information on how many blocks use the attribute). What I do sometimes is that I copy some code blocks from one behaviour to another. Stencyl is nice and it copy all attributes that it didn'g find in the second behaviour. However, usually after copying I change the copied part, removing the need for some attributes. Sometimes it's hard to find if I can safely delete an attribute or is it used by another part of the behaviour.

I have another issue - some blocks have a simple dropdown list where you have to choose an attribute (f.e. "increment/decrement value" and "get attribute from another behaviour" blocks). With too many attributes the list is missing some of them (it stretches from the top to the bottom of my screen and the last visible attribute text has it's lower half cut by the screen edge, I have checked it and I'm sure there are attributes not visible on the list).

Solution is simple - make the dropdown list automagically create second column if necessary. Also - sort the list alphabetically.

Similar sorting problem is with the list showing up when you click on any empty space in most code blocks (for example 0+0 block) and choose  attributes. They all show up (strange though that there are 2 neat columns, then the rest is placed randomly in the next 8 columns with most of the space not used), but they are not sorted in any way (they should be sorted like in the palette, by the type, then by the alphabet).

You may wonder why am I using that many attributes and do I really need that many. Well, I'm trying to create kind of strategy game and it just needs that many attributes :]. I'm already restraining myself and reusing attributes when I can.


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Good suggestions, +1 to all of them :)

(but keep in mind that new suggestions like this probably have to wait until after 3.0, which is focused on the new engine.)