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There is a simple particle editor, called Particle Designer, developed by 71Squared.
As I understood it creates particles for Cocos2D, Sparrow, Starling and MOAI.
It would be really great if Stencyl team found a way to run particles made with Particle Designer inside games made with Stencyl. If that is possible at all.
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A particle engine is planned for a release after 3.0 according to some other posts.


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That would be great. I love particles and miss them badly in Stencyl =)
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It's possible to have a workaround before the version 3.0?

We wanted to make our new interactive book using stencyl, but some things are missing like:
- ParticleSystem (there is an implementation for sparrow to this address:
- The transition as a flip-book.
- Multiline text handling and alignment.

We would like to Realize an app like this one (see the video at 

Any ideas or suggestions on how to solve these problems?

Otherwise we should use XCode and Cocos2d/Kobold2d ... and tedious hours of programming!

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I've had decent amounts of success using actors for particles.  As long as they don't collide or have huge amounts of 'always' code, it's been pretty good.
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