[SOLVED] How to send messages between behaviors?


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Hey guys,
I've read on stencylpedia, that messages can be sent between behaviors. But how to do that? I've tried to search the forum, but with no luck...

I want to trigger some action in current behavior, when something happened in another behavior.

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To trigger the messege in events Code -> Custom Event to hear Behavior -> Triggers to trigger
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Ok, but what should I put inside this block? (if I understood which block is needed correctly)
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if you put "bossFight" inside that field,
then all scene behaviors that have a custom event "when bossFight happens" will run that event.


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That was the first thing I tried to put there, but I've got this error:
Code: [Select]
Behavior: Design_21_21_Shipbombexplode at line 48
Call to a possibly undefined method Bossfight.
At least now I understand in which direction to look.
Thank you guys.

Updated: everything works beautifully now =)

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