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Hey everyone,

I created a basic androgynous character for a game I'm working on.  I'm waiting until the 3.0 release to finish and release the demo so until then I'm just cranking out art.  While I'm working on characters I figured I'd open this up to the community and see if anybody wanted to help me out by adding a character of their own. 

I don't want to get real in depth about the game just yet but I'll tell you it's RPG-style, set in present time and involves the music industry/live music scene.  So, if you're interested in making a character I'll need fans (all genres), groupies, big time industry types (suits), bouncers, body guards, bar tenders etc. I attached 2 .png's with the basic character and example character.  If you PM me I can get you the orignal .psd file so that you can edit the individual layers of the sprite.  NOTE:  If you change the body shape (i.e. make a female shape, make your character fatter, taller, muscular etc.) please keep the character within the grid size.

Sorry, not offering any payment or royalties for this - just looking for volunteers who want to put their character in my game.  Also, please no logos or trademarked/copyrighted images.  I won't be able to include them in the game.

You can post your character here as a .png or just PM me.


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