Water Drop Game! (Update June 21st) My first ever video game.


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I feel that every change you made in the update was good, the game is even better now. It really looks polished, gameplay is quite original and fun, graphics are great, as is music (btw, did you compose it?)


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Excellent graphics and sound. Very nicely polished.

I agree with the earlier comments about the difficulty. A lot of times, I felt like I had done pretty well hitting leaves, but I still ran out of leaves and fell off the bottom. Maybe experiment with more leaves, slower falling, or tweak the leaf-spawning so that the leaves appear closer together horizontally early on.

I think the controls are actually contributing to the difficulty, in a frustrating way. After you press and release left/right, you keep moving left/right at the same speed until you hit a leaf. I think the play control would feel better if you damp out the left/right movement when the player releases the key.
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Pretty Cool!!
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I would really like to test this on a mobile device. Controlling the drop with the tilt-sensor should do the trick (I guess you already thought about that).

Eye-pleasant artwork, nice music and the ideal gameplay for waiting at the bus-station :))
I'm excited to see more of your stuff in the future and I hope you're becoming a rich bastard.
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really awesome, love the art, the concept, everyhing.. but its really hard, might wanna make it easier lol

congrats on the game


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I love it. You really are a great artist.
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The difficulty is much better now. Really gorgeous art! :)


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I love the game.  Besides what everyone else pointed out, you've got a great product here.

And another thing: THANK YOU for creating original content for your games!  I'm in the process of doing all the art for an upcoming Stencyl game.  I think the program sometimes gets a bad reputation because people use all of the stock tiles and actors and call it their own -__-