[SOLVED] multiple "Do after" question


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Hi guys,
I want my player to flicker when hit, so I made very basic behavior (attached) and it doesn't work as expected.

What happens is that sometimes player stays 20% opaque.
Is there a mistake in behavior or it is just not very reliable to do this way in general?


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The fade block is not accurate, so you'll have to either decrease the fade time or increase the delay.


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If you want him to flicker, just turn on and off the sprite showing.
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in fact I have first used on/off for sprite showing and got same results ))) but this time whole actor was hidden
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Check out why that happens, along with the good way to make a player flicker here: http://blog.publysher.nl/2012/04/stencyl-tower-defense-3-getting-healthy.html

Scroll down, it's the last picture.
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I think that in your first do after.1 seconds, fading to 100% makes it stay at 20% of the original.

Instead, just try fade to 500%. Then, for the next block, make it fade to 20% again, and for the last have it fade to 500%.
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Thank you guys for your help.
As for setting fade to 500% it still did the same thing. There was no guarantee, that it won't be stuck at 20% which happened quite often

And as for publysher's way, it works. I created the following (in the attachment) based on his approach. (I still don't fully understand why simple way didn't work out, it seemed so logical and publysher's explanation is a bit complicated :-\)

Once again, thanks everybody.
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