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I really like the graphics, and the game looks good but I can't pass the first level because the ball is moving way too fast. It looks very heavy so it should move slower  ;)
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Quite nice. I suggest you change the preloader image, it really isn't the best picture from game... To be honest when I saw it I thought: "great, another game by 10 year old who randomly put together unfitting images he found in google".

I played till the level where there are planes and rockets coming at you. It started lagging there. Strange thing is I checked fps and they pretty much stay at 60 fps, but the game was laggy, especially when you hit several planes/rockets in the same time. I guess that's because you create so many fragment actors. Maybe you could limit the max number of such fragments on screen and they should have physics off (or at least no collisions). Also there seems to be a small hiccup when finishing a level. This is common to many stencyl games though.

I found the movement of the ball very unnatural. What I mean - it feels like the ball has no weight at all, it speed up very fast, yet it delivers force that you could expect of something much heavier. I was about to quit few times because of that. I didn't, so maybe it's not so bad :).

Other then that, fine game.


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it's a Dr. Eggman/Robotnik simulator! i would like a reskin where you chase a hedgehog around with a checker-colored ball.


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I found spinning the ball around in circles to be the most effective, but even that doesn't make the three-wheel boss any easier.  All the complaints about the physics have already been said on your Newgrounds upload so I'll just point to that.  You were VERY lucky to get a feature for a game rated about 2.0.  Most games have to get a 3.5+ to be featured.


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You were VERY lucky to get a feature for a game rated about 2.0.  Most games have to get a 3.5+ to be featured.

It actually was at 3.5+ by the time it got featured.  Then all the internet muggles found it and decided it was bad.  There's also some kind of infectious dishonesty with the portal system atm: a good number of stat wh0res are just voting 5 on all the flash content under judgment.  It's pretty rare that you see a blammed submission.

I agree with the internet muggles on why this game is bad.  While the mechanics are okay, even if frustrating, the hodgepodge of graphics and the lack of sense in this game are what destroyed it.  Seriously, a spaceship with a wrecking ball for a weapon? 

Also, shady things that probably shouldn't be said in the public.


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Yeah you're right about the "under judgement" voters.  The games tend to get rated lower after entering the new games category.


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I'm gonna be honest... this is one of the best flashgames I played in the past months.

Its unique gameplay and the way the levels are designed is plain awesome in my opinion. You have no idea what crazy shit could come next and that's very appealing (to me). The graphics could use some more polish though (like the mirrored-cloud transition or the buttons with the grubby pixels).

The music and sound also fits in very well (did you compose it yourself?) and reminds me of SEGA Genesis games somehow. As mentioned by some other users, you could experiment with the ball movement a bit (maybe making it a little more inert?).

I found the hardest stage to be the one with the planes/rockets coming at you.
Keep it up, I wonder what we might see from you in the future... :))
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the street fighter "you loose" made me laugh :D!