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can one say me a freeware with them i can make my own sounds and musics?


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There are several topics about recommended software in the "Graphics & Music" forum.
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Thank You!
Im use now PXTone


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Hmmm ... is PXTone great ?

I wouldn't know because I haven't used it (downloaded and had a look around only)

I spent a lot of time with trackers from 1993-2001'ish. ProTracker, FastTracker, ScreamTracker, ImpulseTracker, and then I had a school course using Cubase but never quite liked it. Trackers have a different interface than the musician oriented programs. E.g. you won't get a piano roll, or a score sheet, rather you'll get the notes as characters and a number for the octave.

Anyway. Here's my suggestion:
One of the coolest things I thought came out was Jeskola Buzz. I never ended up making much music with it because it was simply too fun to play with. The author lost the source code in a HD crash, so it stopped development for about 8 years, but now it seems to be alive and kicking again.

I don't know what's IT on the tracker front anymore, I just know I'm very surprised if it's PXTone, although I can see how the interface can have an appeal ... And it's probably quite cute, even powerful when you master it ... I just thought IT would be more.