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Hi all,

I have an iPhone game that is almost complete and requires some music. I don't really have a lot left in my budget to spend but would happily include your name in the credits of the finished game and would not require an exclusive license. If anybody is interested please leave a reply preferably with a link to some work.

The game is an arcade game with a retroish feel which I think would suit a medium to fast paced chip tune style song. The track will be the only track in the game (so would have to loop) and will be used as background music.

Thanks for reading.


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I don't do pure chiptune myself (though I have incorporated it into my usual stuff). I'm not here for myself anyway, I wanted to show you this guy:

He does some cool chiptune/chiptune inspired stuff you may find fits your game. If you get in touch let him know I sent you! ;)
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I'd be willing to do a track for you. I've started doing NES-style chiptunes stuff and am pretty pleased with how it's been going. Some examples here:

The first one is the newest, which I did with a chiptunes VST, and is representative of what I can do if I have time to pay attention to details.  The other ones are older and were done using a MIDINES (i.e. an actual NES plugged into my sound card)... they have a noticeable buzz at 60hz that I didn't do a very good job of getting rid of.

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