Stencyl 2.2 - (Released June 22nd)


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The new setting buttons is load slow... :(
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It's only a question, but can we hope for a native MacOSX Fullscreen Mode on MacOSX Lion and higher ?

Thanks for your work !!


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Thank you for the update, Jon. I'm sure it's annoying to have to release an update for the 2.x series when you're working so hard on the 3.x series that's going to replace it. You deserve a beer!

I like the new menu area -- it's actually quite helpful.

I will probably purchase the software during the 3.x stage :)

Btw, though not really important, the following page still refers to the 2.1 release being unavailable:

Just fyi!
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I just got the 90% usage warning after 2 minutes of using 2.2. That never happened in 2.1.

Restart the app - this happens only on the launch right after an update.

I have this message always, immediately after the start of my project.
I can send my own project(source) for test the Stencyl.


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Well there's no issue on my end, Languages are complete for me but does anyone have any credentials that will allow me to use the features of Stencyl Studio?

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The new setting buttons is load slow... :(

It should only load slow the first time you click it (for that game).  I'll try to figure out some more ways to optimize it though.

The Library is back in the nightlies under resources now.


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i cant see my atlases with this update, when i use the new panel the atlas just blink and close when it open. if i preview an atlas inside an actor everything shows fine.
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i cant see my atlases with this update, when i use the new panel the atlas just blink and close when it open. if i preview an atlas inside an actor everything shows fine.

This has been fixed in the nightlies and mentioned in a couple of threads already. Including the bottom post of page 2 of this thread  ;)


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Hello! Just updated my Stencyl to 2.2. I think the universal settings change is really convenient since I'll no longer need to navigate back to the dashboard to get to my settings. However, the huge sidebar with the icons takes up a lot of space which I don't think is necessary. Also, when you edit the loader, the preview now has a horizontal scrollbar (which is pretty annoying to me). Would it be possible for the settings to just open up in a tab like Stencylforge? That way we get to use our entire screen to view the settings instead of just that small pop-up window. :o


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would like to upgrade to 2.2 from 1.4.

I've developed a game (, and now I have to add more levels.
Is better to stay with 1.4 or try the 2.2?
Is eventually possible to have 1.4 and 2.2 at the same time?

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How far are you to being done with the game?

And yes, it's possible to run both versions.


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It's been a while - I've been implementing a game on v2.0 - and (fortunately) kept a backup when upgrading to 2.2 via 2.1 manual download). The problem is that I hit the "override" problem, where Stencyl complains about not overriding functions. Hence, I removed all but the first override (fir the init function), which is the suggested solution. However, I cannot export flash now; I get the usual "helpful" alert about incompatible sound files, when we all know that this is due to malformed AS3 source. Are there any other things I should consider apart from removing "override"s when told to?

EDIT: Damn, should have posted this in Bugs I guess


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Ahah! That might do it! and...

I added the array argument but STILL got the override error message. Still not getting compiling code. NOTE: I did the remove override fix on a similar other project with the same code scripts and didn't get the error.


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Weird. I used the check syntax function and got this paradox, which tells me the override error even though I have changed the code!