A question regarding art types.

Looking around this site I couldn't help but notice that most of the artwork seems to be done in pixels. There are a couple of games done with vector style art but not many and while I have read of people using 3d art in their work flow, I haven't seen any examples. What I was wondering is the dominant use of pixel art due to personal preference,marketing or is this style just easier to work with in Stencyl?


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Stencyl uses Flixel, which is made for pixel art. You cannot use vector graphics with Stencyl (you can import them, but the get converted to PNGs internally.)

Ah so it's the software...well that certainly makes things interesting. Challenge accepted!

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I using InkPad on my iPad to design my graphics and export via Dropbox to pngs.


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Not only software, but pixel art is free to create (MS Paint can do it), you have control of exactly each pixel placed.

Pixel art is an expensive "art style" and many people will pay just to get that retro style (ie Scott Pilgrim, The Hunger Games, Megaman 9)

Problem with pixel art is you can't do zooming in and out with them which is vector art's advantage (perhaps ONLY advantage) over pixel art.


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For me, non-pixelated game assets are just a personal preference.  I don't do pixel art in real life, and I like the fact that a complete game could look like a page out of my sketchbook.

I love pixel art, there's something charming about it.  I just choose not to use it.